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Eroticism and poetry

If your friends think of you as rather prudish, if you are made uneasy by some of their pleasantries which you find somewhat risques, don’t read the Allowing poem written by a Vietnamese woman. 
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               The Jackfruit
"My body ’s like a jackfruit on the tree
The skin is rough - the pulp is nice and thick 
If you love me, drive into it your plug,
Don’t fondle it or sáp will stain your hand!"
This description of a fruit evoking the female reproductive organ is not taken from a publication devoted to erotica. It was written in the 18th century in Nom (the national demotic script) by Ho Xuan Huong, a woman poet who is one of the great names in Vietnamese classical literature. 

The case illustrates the Italian aphorism: Traduttore, Traditore - “translator, traitor, to translate is to betray.”
The Vietnamese original does not shock the reader, who is charmed with the rhythm and the music of the words. Translated into an analytical European language, stripped of the melody of tones, it runs the risk of sounding obscene. Ho Xuan Huong’s poems lend themselves to reading on two levels.
This original poet, a feminist before her time, dared to claim for women the right to physical love in the stifling atmosphere of Confucianism, an independent spirit who criticized the insincerity of hypocrites and took up the defence of unmarried mothers.
I would like to speak a little more about the jackfruit, very popular in Vietnam, but whose amber yellow pulp is not to the taste of some Europeans. There are two kinds of jackfruit: the very sweet mit dai (jackfruit with firm pulp) and the mit mat (treacly jackfruit), with very tender pulp, less sweet.
The starchy seeds, egg-shaped and rather large, are used in cooking certain dishes. The skin of the fruit, very thick and rough, was put to a rather curious use in the old days: to keep them fully awake for certain class hours, stem schoolmasters would order their young pupils to kneel on a piece of jackfruit skin.
The tree ( Artocarpus Integrifollia l.f) may grow as tall as 12-15 metres.
It carries its enormous fruit (each may weigh several kilogrammes) protruding right from its trunk. It gives very good wood, which is used for house pillars, statues, and the blocks used in wood-carving.
The phrase nha ngoi cay mit, “tile-roofed house and jackfruit tree” points to the outward signs of wealth in the countryside.
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Eroticism and poetry
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