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Staples & Specialities

Cambodia's lush fields provide the rice and its abundant waterways the fish that is fermented into prahoc (fermented fish paste), which together form the bac kbonc of Khmer cuisine. Built around these are the flavours that give the cuisine its kick: the secret roots, the welcome herbs and the aromatic tubers. Together they give the salads, snacks, soups and stews a unique aroma and taste that smacks of Cambodia. Whatever they are preparing, a Khmer cook will demand freshness and a healthy balance of flavours and textures.
Rice is the principal staple, enshrined in the Khmer word for eating or to eat, nam bai - literally eat rice. Many a Cambodian, particularly drivers, will run out of steam if they run out of rice. It doesn’t matter that the same carbohydrates arc available in other foods, it is rice and rice alone that counts. Battambang Province (p240) is Cambodia’s rice bowl and produces the country’s finest yield.
For the taste of Cambodia in a bowl, try the local kyteow, a rice-noodle soup that will keep you going all day. This full and balanced meal will cost you just 2000r in markets and about US$1 in local restaurants. No noodles? Then try the bobor (rice porridge), a national institution, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and best sampled with some fresh fish and a splash of ginger.
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Update : 27-07-2017

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